Jul 28

Something New: Tombow brush pen N15

I have always received compliments for my exceptionally neat handwriting, even from the sweet age of eight years old. Alongside this is my keen interest (now a growing obsession) in calligraphy, typography and lettering. I have decided that It is something I would like to know more about. So, In honor of this, I brought myself some brush pens and have been practising all day long. I have read and looked over every blog and Instagram post, and they all say the same thing… ‘Practice until your pen runs out and when it does, buy another one and practice some more’ or something along those lines. I am absolutely terrible at this right now, but I’m certainly enjoying learning something new! Give it time and I’ll be writing with an elegant buttery smoothness! 


Jul 22

Summer in England isn’t so bad. #bluesky #summer #uk #view #sun #vscocam #lategram

Summer in England isn’t so bad. #bluesky #summer #uk #view #sun #vscocam #lategram

Jul 21

everyone needs a desk. The less cluttered, the better. 

everyone needs a desk. The less cluttered, the better. 

Update: Hello to New Beginnings.

Since leaving university I have been busy working alongside three other graduates to create a new exhibition organisation which is titled Foto39It is designed to create exposure for students and upcoming artists. It follows a submissions format which is open to all light-based media, internationally. The exhibitions will be held annually in the West-Midlands, UK and is currently open for submissions (Deadline: 20th September) This year we have Richard Billingham as our guest selector, who will be helping us with the final selection for 2014. Follow the link for more info: Foto39.org

This is me saying “hello to new beginnings.”

Jun 19

I wrote an article about Art.

It’s an introduction to Art and Image Re-appropriation, based on my final degree project. Click here to read it!